DATE/TIME: Saturday, Sept 20- 11:00AM – 4:30PM

LOCATION: Visalia Home EXPO, Visalia Convention Center

WHO CAN ENTER:  If you are age 6 to 16, live in Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, or Tulare  Counties (CALIFORNIA), you are eligible to participate in the cookoff.

QUALIFIED ENTRIES: Submit your recipe for a nutritious lunch that is made of TWO DISTINCT MENU ITEMS that can be prepared in an hour or less.  Entries may include but are not limited to: fruits, vegetables, chicken, turkey, beef, pork, or fish and could be served on or with items such as breads (wheat, rye, pita etc.), tortillas, crackers pasta salads, drinks, etc.  Contestants are encouraged to consider locally grown fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, and other items that will promote eating a health lunch.

HOW TO ENTER: Simply complete the ONLINE entry form on this page (below)  and be sure to provide complete information.


Your Name:
Your Age:
Name of Parent(s): 
Full Address (include Street, City & Zip Code )
Which county do you live in?
Phone Number:

Grade Level:


Parental permission is required to participate as a finalist in the Cook-Off.

A Permission Form will be mailed in early September, once all ten (10) finalists have been selected.

One parent or guardian is also required to attend the cook-off during his/her child's performance.

Recipes must include TWO DISTINCT MENU items that can be prepared in an hour or less. Format your recipe listing specific ingredient with the quantity at the top followed by a numerical list (1, 2, 3, etc.) of preparation steps below.

For judging criteria, please refer to the Kids Cook-off Rules & Regulations.


10 FINALISTS will be invited no later than September 12th, to compete in the 7th Annual Kids' Cook-Off on September 20, 2014, at the Visalia Convention Center.

Each finalist will be paired with a mentor to help with preliminary set-up, ensure proper food preparation, oversee equipment usage, and help monitor time.  However each finalist is responsible for the preparation of his/her recipe during the cook-off.

Each finalist will receive a prize.

Most importantly, everyone will have a blast while cooking in front of an audience of friends and family!

Celebrity Emcee: Kathy Powers, host of "Hey Kids, Let's Cook"  (VPT)

Culinary Professional SupportDon Waddell, Director,

Institute of Technology Culinary Campus (Clovis)

 Cook-Off Sponsors: RAISE Magazine & Valley Delicious (KSEE24)

All recipes must be submitted ONLINE.

Please direct any cook-off questions and/or comments to:


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